Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Blog's a little late today. The Bestest and my Oklahomo came over after they got off work. (He's that ridiculously happy sort of gay guy. Being near him lifts your spirits, even if you were having a good day anyway. Always willing to listen, to cheer you up, to make you smile. He's sweetness personified.) We went and grabbed $3 burgers from our favorite pub downtown, and then, on a whim, went and got ice cream. When we came back to my apartment we popped popcorn, smoked hookah and watched 'Juno.' Then had a sleep over. It was like being 12 years old again, but with sex stories being traded and the word 'fuck' being used correctly.

Plenty of fun and funny things happened to me today, but most of them were the type of funnies that exist between close friends. If I tried to explain them, by the time I got around to the entertaining part, it wouldn't be funny anymore.

So instead I will leave you with something funny. Boyfriend and I have yet to actually argue. We've had some serious discussions, but we've so far resolved all of our conflicts with rationality and a good dose of humor. That doesn't keep us from teasing each other about the few disagreements or incompatabilities we do have. For example, I once said, 'nip it in the butt', and Captain Correction was quick to counter. I had to explain that I knew it was 'bud' and not 'butt', but that it was something one of my little brothers had said incorrectly as a child, and it had stuck around as one of my family's idioms.

There is one counter argument he can use on me, when it comes to matters of taste, that pretty much ends all of our petty disagreements. So this is the text message discussion we had today:

Don't worry, we use our big boy words, not our fists.

So... the cat's out of the bag. I like Hanson. And he rubs it in my face whenever I make fun of something he likes. Touche, Boyfriend.


Unknown said...

I think you would need to train with Mr. Miyagi in order to find a crane kick retaliation maneuver that could beat "You like Hanson."

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