Thursday, February 25, 2010
I suppose this blog really needs to start off last night.

When I went downstairs The Bestest and I stayed up for two hours giggling before sleep finally claimed us. I slept rather restlessly, and woke up four hours later to check my bags one more time, put on my face paint and get dressed. When everything was all set I serenaded The Bestest with the chorus of "His Cheeseburger", gave her one last hug, and headed upstairs.

My mom had a dentist appointment at 8:00, and my flight left at 8:50. My brother had to take me to the airport because my dad had to drive mom. So our goodbyes were at the house, rather than the airport. Probably for the best, since I was wearing liquid eyeliner and it could have turned ugly very quickly.

Oh, and the thing I forgot? To print off my boarding pass. So on a plane that holds 137 passengers, I was #145.

I grabbed a bagel and a cup of coffee once I was through security, and hurried to my gate. It was packed. I began to freak out a bit at this point, since I knew that I might be bumped. The next flight out to Seattle would have put me there at 8:00, and Boyfriend has to be at work at 10:00. This would have given us the car ride and maybe a ten minute make out session, if traffic allowed. No bueno. And it may seem like silly motivation when I could have made $350ish in Southwest credits (which would have paid for our airfare for our November trip to OK) I didn't want to give up those extra five hours. So Darling, know that time with you is worth more than $70 an hour.

Luckily, there were enough people that volunteered to be bumped, and I had no problem getting on the plane. I got a middle seat between an old lady and a woman with a baby, but at least I was on the plane.

So here I am now, at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, waiting out the hour and a half between my flights. From here I'll go to Salt Lake, before heading on to Seattle. It feels weird to be in my home town, in an airpory I know so well. Strangely, Phoenix doesn't really seem like home anymore. Tulsa does.

Right now, I'm facebook chatting with Boyfriend, who's inexplicably awake. Actually, it's pretty easy to explain. I couldn't sleep well last night either. I feel like a six year old on Christmas Eve.


Unknown said...

I am just imagining if you had the window seat, and the woman with the baby had the middle seat.

You would've been a living tableau of life's stages.

Sara Louise said...

Oh! This brings me back to moving to France in September!! I was so excited, nervous, and happy. I was like a little piddling puppy!! I'm so excited for you!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I wonder who Santa Claus is...

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