A Plethora of Lessons I've Almost Learned
The Bestest's blog. Introspective, yet whimsical

Hyperbole and a Half
Quite possibly the funniest blog on the internet. She's what inspired me to start using MS Paint to illustrate my blog.

Sara in Le Petit Village
Sara Louise is doing exactly what I did when I moved to Seattle. Except that she moved to France, and doesn't speak a lick of French (or didn't, when she moved there a few years ago.)

Succisive Thoughts
One of my other favorite cousins. (I have a huge family!) She's a Bachelorette finishing up her Master's thesis. Like Bridget Jones, but witty, well read, and not obnoxious.

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During this course of study, you will come to learn much about the strange eating, sleeping and mating habits of the Instrospective Lori under stress. We will observe as she moves halfway across the country to start a life with her own Captain Wentworth, takes a year off of work to pursue a writing career, and incessantly references Jane Austen.
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