Monday, February 15, 2010
Wow, that went so fast.

Is this how it happened to be that one day, I was 14, in a band and in possession of knowledge of everything, and suddenly I'm 24, writing away and thirsty for knowledge, and moving halfway across the country? Time really does fly. It's ridiculous.

Fortunately, I've accomplished a couple of the things on my list. Unfortunately, I haven't done a lot of those things, and I'm starting to think I may not have time to. Today I started freaking out about getting ready for tour. I need to go buy a good hoodie. One that will not take up too much space, but will keep me warm, so I don't have to bring my bulky coat. I need to clean up my living room and my bedroom, so that it'll be crashable when we're back here in April.

One of my uncles said once that a year crawls by when you're six years old, because it's 1/6th of your life, and it flies when you're thirty, because it's 1/30th. That makes a helluva lotta sense. That also makes me terrified of being fifty. Or eighty. Oh, god.

I need to find and befriend a vampire.

Fuck you Stephenie Meyer, you hack. I'd rather get old and die than sparkle for eternity. Even if it means I have to break a ten year old's heart, clean my apartment, build a website, pack my life up to move, and various other insurmountable activities in the next ten days.


Heatherly said...

Wow. That's an interesting thought. Never realized why time seems to fly by so fast as we get older. Sounds like a good explanation to me!

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