LoLo SpaghettiO.


It might be the cutest nickname ever, or the lamest Mobster handle since 'Tony Bagels'.  It originated back in my Mountain Dew and Jack in the Box fueled youth, and has proven surprisingly permanent.

There's quite enough written about me, my life and my (mis)adventures in the pages and pages here. So I'll leave you with a few important things, since the silly things seem to come to prominence in my postings;

Jane Austen taught me how to love. Not in a romantic, whimsical, one-true-love and a happy ending sort of way. She taught me that love is hard because we make it unnecessarily complicated. She taught me how to love someone in spite of their short comings or wrong doings, how to see past people's mistakes and not let them be defined by singular moments. She taught me how to recognize character and personality, even if it is often clouded by prejudice or emotionality. She taught me about persistence of affection; that sometimes we feel things before we can understand them, or even long after we think we should. She taught me patience. She taught me how to look outside how I might feel in one moment, and to truly take my happiness into consideration. She taught me how to reason in matters of the heart, whether they are romantic, friendly or familial relationships, and to figure out exactly what I deserve. Most importantly, Jane helped me find my self worth.

I try to enjoy life like I did as a child. It's not entirely possible, mind you, with bills and responsibilities. And frankly, I enjoy a lot of 'grown up' activities that I wouldn't have appreciated as a child. (Surprisingly, I didn't mean anything suggestive there.) The thing I remember most from my youth, is wanting to experience and see and know everything. To have more fun than I had the day before, to laugh more, to play more, to imagine more. I try to look at life with the same appetite I had at 7. I fully believe in letting chocolate melt all over my fingers, climbing trees and splashing in puddles, and staying up too late reading a good book. So I try to remind myself to keep that sort of enthusiasm, in spite of jobs and bills and car troubles.

So in closing, (for now) I'll leave you with a little quote that I think sums up my point of view pretty nicely-

" We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."  -Dr. Seuss

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