Boyfriend/Future Husband/Husband: We met back when we were 18 and 20, and it was instant attraction and chemistry. But it took us exactly five years (down to the weekend) to get our acts together and grow up enough. (Mostly him, though.) He's a musician in the truest sense. I love that he'll play the same riff over and over until he gets it right, or get out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down ideas. He reads voraciously, thinks almost constantly, and is an excellent kisser. We say things in unison and scare people with it. We're practically the same person.

The Bestest: My closest friend in the world. I only met her a few years ago when I moved to Oklahoma, but she and I get along better than I get along with anyone that isn't a male version of me. (This is an inside joke, but to almost understand it, you should look at this:

G and D: The guitar player and drummer in the band Boyfriend was in. They're both very different people, but sometimes watching Boyfriend, G and D interact and work together was like watching a three headed beast. A hairy, tattooed beast. It was adorable the way they were so in sync.

The Gay Best Friend (or GBF): I've known him since I was 16 and he was still in the closet. He's the one responsible for introducing me to Boyfriend/Future Husband. He's still one of our closest friends.

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During this course of study, you will come to learn much about the strange eating, sleeping and mating habits of the Instrospective Lori under stress. We will observe as she moves halfway across the country to start a life with her own Captain Wentworth, takes a year off of work to pursue a writing career, and incessantly references Jane Austen.
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