Thursday, December 2, 2010
Towards the end of the Fall Tour, G asked if we would mind going on tour down to Arizona for Christmas, so he could spend it with his family. It had been a few years since he'd been there since they moved up to Seattle. Even though Future Husband and I had been talking about how much we were looking forward to our first Christmas together (last year was thwarted by a freak Christmas Eve Blizzard in Oklahoma) and the possibilities - i.e. A Charlie Brown Tree, a pajamas optional Christmas Eve, etc., we agreed to go on tour down to AZ. So though we won't get our little sad tree and a Christmas all to ourselves, we will get to spend it with FH's family (Future In-Laws! Yay!). It fits nicely, since we spent this Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma. (Blog to follow... someday. I promise.)

Today we packed up and set out on our Winter Tour. Twelve days from now we'll be rolling into AZ, enjoying the frigid 70 degree weather, delicious burritos, and Christmas with my Future In-Laws and the few blood cousins that will still talk to me after my last blog.


Unca T said...

Love the Christmas version of the band on tour. :) And can't wait for your cruising blog and the debut of the Hair Brigade! Be careful on tour, give all the guys hugs and kisses from your mom and I. I'm sure a couple of cousins will be happy to see you, even a couple of the Consortium denizens. Love you all.

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