Tuesday, December 7, 2010
After the long relaxing day we had Sunday, Monday was a nice way to ease back into the tour routine. Kinda. We have a big drive on Tuesday, so that may be a bit of a downer.

When I woke up I made the guys breakfast burritos, even though I was feeling ten shades of terrible. Future Husband and D are sick as well, but they both felt better Sunday night, after a long day of eating, drinking coffee and playing video games, so FH demanded that I sit down and get to gaming. I complied of course, and spent the next few hours watching Nightmare Before Christmas, and then a Law & Order marathon, all while peacefully shooting zombies on my computer.

When it was time for the show, we crammed into the van (and our friends into theirs, since he was opening for the guys) and caravaned over to the bar. When we first got there, it seemed like it would be like their shows usually are there; under attended. That didn't stop us from having fun, though. And there were a handful of people there, including some friends who drove from out of town to see the guys play. She always bakes us delicious muffins with crazy names. This time they're "Cherry Bomb Bounce" and "Mucho Mango Madness."

Our friend opened, and we all sat and enjoyed him while the guys enjoyed their 40's of PBR that our muffin making friend bought them. I kept turning down shots, since I was feeling under the weather and had to drive. After our friend finished though, I accepted a shot of Jagermeister from him. Future Husband told me that in Germany, they use it like cough syrup, so why not? I felt better for about two minutes, went into a nasty coughing fit and coughed up what looked like key lime pie, and then felt better again. For a little while.

The guys played well, and again, people wandered in from outside. There are a few other bars right next to that one in downtown Medford, and it's literally right across the street from a college campus. By the end of the set there were about twice as many people as when they started, including a big group of girls that were just absolutely fawning over G. They ended up buying CDs, though, so fawn away little girls. Fawn away. It ended up being the most lucrative show the guys have had at this bar, even though it was a Monday.

One of our friend's co-workers completely flipped over the guys' music, and was so anxious to hang out with the guys after the show, that he offered to fill up the van's gas tank if we would give them a ride home and hang out with them. Even though D, FH and I were feeling so awful, we realized that we were basically getting paid a tank of gas for hanging out. So we all piled into the Ogre (through the front door, because the sliding side door is broken) and drove around Medford until we found an open gas station (because Oregon is one of two crazy states where you can't pump your own gas.) After that we made it to the guys house, where we snacked on an industrial sized tank of salted almonds (yum!) and mixed a few drinks. This time, I gave in and had a Captain and Pepsi. (Which I regretted about half an hour later, as it made my fever unbearable.)

After about an hour of hanging out, we made our goodbyes, thanked him profusely for the gas, and promised to let him know whenever there was a show in town. We made our way back to the house and tore into some crockpot beef stew. Everyone else tuckered out, and as usual, Future Husband and I were the last ones up. We read for a while in bed, before enjoying a feverish cuddle for a few minutes. It ended in both of us randomly going into coughing fits.

I can't wait to feel better. I hate being sick, especially on tour.


Sara Louise said...

I'm pulling a Mom here... stop drinking when you're sick.

Lori said...

No worries, I learned that lesson that night. Hadn't ever done it before, won't do it again. One drink was enough to make me sorry.

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