Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nothing much to report today. After we tracked down a Starbucks with our GPS (we were successful on our third attempt) we loaded up on coffee before heading up to Portland. The guys played at a bar they’d never played at before. It was a pretty cool set up, though it was not written in the paper with the other live music shows for that night. There were more than just the other bands and they’re girlfriends there, so that was good. Still, not a very lucrative show, at the door or the merch table.

The guys got their three free drinks, but as is typical, the bartender loved them, and spotted them a few beers before agreeing to let us all crash at her place. G has an old friend from Arizona that now lives up here in Portland, but his girlfriend had to get up super early for work, so we would’ve had to have been super quiet. Under most circumstances we can… okay, no, we can’t. We’re always loud and dorky and laughing at our own inside jokes. So even with Crazy Poodle Lady from the night before, we agreed to go home with the bartender. She seemed a lot more sane, at least.

She wasn’t closing, and wanted to stop at another bar before going home. There, she bought the boys a couple of rounds, and would have included me, if I hadn’t declined. We hit Taco Bell on the way back to her house, where G and D took the couches, and Future Husband and I made up our sleeping bags on the floor. We watched a little bit of Air Force One before passing out.

This morning we took our time brushing our teeth and packing up our various bedding. Bartender girl turned out to be entirely hospitable, and most importantly, in sound mental health. We left through the sliding glass door in the back again, but this time because of a poorly parked vehicle. Thank goodness.


Sara Louise said...

A sane hostess and taco bell. WIN!

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