Monday, May 3, 2010
Okay, today is not so sunny as this is our second day in Oregon. So it's lovely and rainy and gray. Exactly the way I like it.

But it's a happy day for me. I got to sleep in a bed last night, got pancakes and orange juice for breakfast, and got to take a shower before we hit the road. Best of all, my back didn't hurt this morning when I woke up. (The blog about the kidney stones I suddenly got in AZ will follow sometime this week.)

It's also the first day since we left AZ on the 30th that we haven't spent all day driving, so I was able to get online. I know we survived as a species for millions of years without the internet, but I can't manage without it now. I feel better now that I've had some connectivity.

And what should I see when I log on but that I have two new followers! The loverly Sara Louise in Le Petit Village has awarded me the Sunshine Award. I was also given this award by Jinxie back in February, right before the start of tour, so I never got around to doing my awardy duties.

According to Jinxie, I'm supposed to pass this on to twelve people. Twelve seems super daunting and I'm supposed to be running the merch table right now. But I'm blogging. It's what I do. Sara, however, didn't list any rules. So since I'm pinched for time I will pass the two awards I've won on to only two other bloggers. But bloggers who always make my days sunnier.

The first will go to my other blogging cousin, Sara, for her blog Succisive Thoughts. She's one hell of a writer, and her blogs weave humor into her social observations.

The other recipient is going to The Bestest, Abbi for A Plethora of Lessons I've Almost Learned. Her writing is witty and poignant, showcasing her never ending quest of self discovery. On a list of people I'm privileged to know, Abbi's right at the top.


Unknown said...

OMG!!! I got an award??

*Sniff* *Teary eyes* *Happy Dance*

I honestly haven't gotten an award for my writing since high school.

Too cool my dear. XOXO

Sara Louise said...

Yeah, I thought 12 was a bit much too.
Glad you got a shower and pancakes :-)

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