Monday, April 19, 2010
Of course, the day after I post a blog bragging about how nice my skin looks now, I wake up with the biggest zit I've had this decade.

And since this is 2010, that means I have the biggest zit of the millinium.

I had one about a year ago that was so bad I started carrying concealer in my purse (I'm basically a dude with boobs, so this is a big thing.)

This one is worse.

Basically, I woke up with this on my chin;


Unknown said...

It was bound to happen. The stress of being on the road plus the *unusual* diet you've been consuming of late are a recipe for zits.

The stress of my thesis managed to turn my cheek and one side of my chin into a full-blown replica of the Tetons.

That's when I switched to Almay Skin-Clearing foundation, Neutrogena blemish-fighting concealer, and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel.

Things are very clear now. :)

Heatherly said...

Haha! "Dude with boobs" My guy friends all tell me that I have an inner penis.

I've been stressing as of late and although I've been blessed with perfect skin my whole life, I started breaking out around my chin this week. Stress paired with bad eating habits will do it to me every time!

Sara Louise said...

Yep - I agree with Sara. At 30 years old, for the first time in my life, I had pimples all over my cheeks. Facialist said it was the stress. So I broke up with my fiance. Cheeks cleared up :-)
There's a present for you in Le Petit Village. Swing by my blog and pick it up xo

Jen said...

It always seems worse to us than to anyone else. Just throw some of that concealer on it and keep your hands off!

I switched to the Bare Minerals. It conceals better than anything else I've tried and doesn't cause more breakouts.

I found your blog via Sara Louise at Le Petit Village. Congratulations on your award!

Unknown said...

Hi Lori! I just came over from La Petit Village, wanted to say hello! Sara was describing your blog, and I was like, whoa, I need to go to there! So consider me your newest follower, I'm sure that I will enjoy your adventures vicariously from the comfort of my laptop! Cheers!

Lori said...

I think it may have something to do with my crappy diet lately. Most of it though, is probably due to Boyfriend's scruffiness. Boyfriend stubble = Extra exfoliated chin.

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