Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Boyfriend's gone and contracted a summer cold. It would be cute if it weren't so crappy. He's got a fever and an itchy throat. And the poor guy is having trouble sleeping because of his fever. So I've been playing nursemaid, making him tea and juice. When we gave in and got out of bed today, I got him some Chinese take out, and stopped at the grocery store for juice and soup and the ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches. All the yummy sick food.

As much as I like having him home from work, and getting to spend extra time with him, I wish he was feeling better. I wish I could do more than bring him juice and food. Still, I feel like I'm helping more than if he had the stomach flu.

Oh, Boyfriend. Hurry and get better!


Unknown said...

I hope you don't catch it from him.

Lori said...


Unknown said...

I think my allergies are morphing into a cold. I feel gross. I think I caught it from your blog.


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