Friday, January 15, 2010
Right before Christmas, my boyfriend called me and woke me from a nap. He asked if I was near a computer. I was sleeping in my Queen sized bed on the side that he occupies when he's here. My laptop was next to me in the bed, on my side. The girlfriend he had dumped almost three months previously had found out about us, and gone off the deep end. She logged into both his Myspace and his Facebook, changed the passwords, and then proceeded to smear virtual excrement all over his pages. She even sent out embarrassing emails to a great many of his friends and family. Luckily, in this modern social networking era, a friend of his had alerted him, and I was able to reset his passwords and get everything cleaned off his Facebook within twenty minutes. His Myspace, however, we couldn't clean up.

"This may seem a little drastic, but uh... All of those emails will be deleted if I delete my entire page, won't they?" he asked.

"They should, yeah," I answered. I hated the idea of his Myspace being gone. He was the reason I had signed up for a Myspace account of my own four and a half years ago. The only reason I joined up was to provide us with another flirting venue. It was then that I got into blogging. Blogging on Myspace is what made me realize I wanted to write. It had always been a hobby up until that point. After I started blogging, and was able to see people's reactions to my words, I realized that I wanted to write for a living.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, delete it," he said. He sounded resolute.

"Do you have all of your pictures and stuff backed up?" I was searching for any reason I could to keep his page active. We had to get rid of the Jerry Springer-esque emails, though. And it really was the only way to do it.

"I have everything on other computers, it's okay." I could picture him putting his free hand in his pocket and hunching his shoulders forward. I call it the tall boy slump. He's not the first I've seen do it, but I find it most adorable when he does. I could tell from the background noises that he had made his way outside while we were on the phone.

"Okaaaay," I said, playfully paining my voice. "It's just so... wow. It's the end of an era."

I could hear him smile over the phone, "And the beginning of a new one, Darling."

I hadn't smiled that thoroughly in a few weeks. It was just the right thing to say to your girlfriend after she saved your ass. It was just the right thing to say to a girlfriend that had been having a rough week. And shmoozy or not, it was entirely true.

Boyfriend and I had been foolish enough when we were younger to pigeonhole ourselves as 'just friends'. How we truly felt for each other was painfully obvious to everyone else. In fact, sometimes we were just painful for everyone else to be around. A few years ago he had told me that he was in love with me, and always had been. Things didn't work out that time around, and we ended up not talking to each other for nineteen torturous months. When we finally reconciled, I had moved from Phoenix to Tulsa, and he was getting ready to move from Phoenix to Seattle. Timing has never been our forte. We rebuilt our friendship and were surprised (or not surprised, in my case) to find that our feelings for each other were unchanged. His band tours twice a year, and I offered them my couch, bathroom and laundry room. Precious amenities when you've been living in a van. Due to a cancelled show, the three guys crashed with me for three and half days, and Boyfriend and I rekindled our old romance, and realized what idiots we'd been for the last five years. (The five years are well documented on my old Myspace blog -

Since then, we've made leaps and bounds in our relationship, catching up for the five years we acted like fools. He dropped the L bomb, and his band invited me to tour with them, fulfilling my childhood fantasy of growing up to be a groupie. I recently inherited a little bit of money, and decided to take a year off to focus on getting something published. After tour, I'm going to move to Seattle to be with him. In summary, I'll spend the next year polishing up a few of my novels, querying agents, touring with Boyfriend's band, and moving to Seattle. Holy impending adulthood, Batman. This is my year to really set up the foundation for the rest of my life. And it's pants shittingly terrifying.

I really am beginning a new era in my life. Over the last two years I've settled into Tulsa after growing up in Phoenix. Now, I'll be moving 2,000 miles away from my immediate family, without a job or apartment to go to. It's frightening, but also exhilarating.

So with a new year, a new era and a new life about to start, I figured it was time for a new blog.


Jinxie G said...

You know I've always loved your writing, cousin. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this, but I'm super excited for you and I can't wait to see where this life, and this third time around, takes you.

*ahem* Can I have g-ma's house, since you two never want to live in AZ again? =D

I have a lot to talk to you about, and soon. *hugs* I miss you!

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