Thursday, February 18, 2010
One week, can you believe it? I move away in one week to live with my fella and tour with his band as their merch girl/band aide/webmistress. I start my adventure in one week!
That means I also leave behind my parents and younger brothers. My younger brothers are pretty cool people, and I'm sure any big sister mentoring they need they can get via text and Facebook. My parents I worry about, though. They're average, middle aged, overweight Americans. Which means they are going to drop dead of diabetes or colon cancer or restless leg syndrome or ED or something, any goddamn minute.

You know, in all of my favorite fantasy stories, when the main character starts their adventure, it's all suddenlike and 'Surprise! Adventure! Wham!' But I got a count down to mine. Although, I suppose the whole getting-back-together-Jane-Austen-happy-ending thing was a bit out of the blue. My first five years with the boyfriend were a Jane Austen novel, which fades away into the ending when the couple is finally happily together. So I guess now I'm starting... a Meg Cabot novel? A Hunter S. Thompson novel? A Kurt Vonnegut novel? Who knows.

All I know is, with everything I have to do in the next week, my life would be waaay easier if it looked like this;

If all it took to get magical woodland creatures to pack all my shit and clean my apartment was letting them see a little peek up my skirt, I would totally do it.


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