Friday, February 12, 2010
No blog today. I spent too much time doing other stuff like sleeping and eating massive amounts of Chinese food and dancing randomly in the middle of a movie theater lobby.

Instead I will just make you smile. This is what my 82 year old Grandmother's pool looks like:

See something other than Dong. I dare you.

I'm not pulling your leg. Oh, and two of my Aunts live with her. So three older ladies, two little dogs, and dong pool. Seriously, it's like (Jane Austen's Emma x Hilarious) + Porn = Childhood Summer Memories.


Matthew J Bevis said...

That truly is the GREATEST!!

Sara Louise said...

This is so funny. But it's the people that live in the house that make it that way. It could only be funnier, if it was a gay couple like in their 60's.

The Golden Girls should have had a dong shaped pool.

And I'm loving the word 'dong', haven't heard it in years.

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