Thursday, March 17, 2011
Okay, the time has come, few followers of mine. (Can I call you minions yet? Please?)

I'm sure I've mentioned it too much, but I've been working on a book about Future Husband and I, and our crazy, teenage, young-and-stupid stumble towards wedded bliss. I didn't know it was leading to wedding bells, mind you, when I started working on the book. But ta da! It is.

I titled that book quite a while ago, and since I am still young enough at heart to not-so-secretly crave Rock Star status authorhood once I'm published, I've also titled the two subsequent books in the trilogy. Thanks, Jane Austen, for always writing your books in three acts. Now I do it, to.

Only a few months after we got together, I decided that I wanted to write a fourth book. Maybe not part of the 'trilogy' per se, but a book that could stand alone or be read in sequence. The title, which was amazing, ifIdosaysomyself, came to me almost instantly. So I've been sitting on it for about a year and a half, much longer than I've had this blog.

Honestly, I probably should have given the blog that title from the get go, but I didn't want anyone to come along and steal it before I can use it.

But the other day, as I was talking to Future Husband about it (because I'd mentioned it to my cousin Jinxie and she loved it) I said, "I'd love to rename my blog, but I want to use it for a book, later on down the road."

He asked (he's always so good at helping me see the things I overlook), "Why can't it be both?"

And I paused for a moment, but couldn't think of a good reason. So voila! Some time in the next few days I'll be changing the name of my blog. The address will stay the same, so no need to worry. Just keep an eye out in your 'Blogs I Follow' section.


Unknown said...

I like it! :)

*M* said...

I'm excited to hear your new blog title! I'm glad you have a love for Jane Austen. Which is your favorite?
I'm your newest minion!

Lori said...

Welcome, minion! =)

When I was younger my favorite was Pride and Prejudice. And while it's still definitely in my top five books of all time, my favorite Jane Austen novel has become Persuasion. I think as I got older and saw more sides to love, I began to identify more with Anne Elliot. In fact, I suggested the name "Elliot" to Future Husband as a potential name for a daughter (someday in the distant future). Even with the nickname "Ellie" he wasn't on board. Oh, well.

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