Thursday, August 5, 2010
Today I embark on my second tour with Boyfriend and his band. It's their seventh.

And I'm sick.

That summer cold Boyfriend had last week? Yeah, share and share alike. He dutifully took care of me, though. Made me tea and red curry (yuuummmm) and was all snuggly and concerned. So with green things oozing out of my nose, we hurriedly (i.e. - frantically) packed for a 2 1/2 month tour. We'll be back in Seattle in Mid-October.

Right now we're in Portland, and a pretty badass bar. It's the kind of place I would have out at if I lived here. I wish more Portland people liked this place as much as I do. I mean, they have RC as their soda, instead of Coke. How awesome is that? I mean, I'd take Coke over Pepsi, but RC is just tops in my book. And this place feeds the guys. (And therefore, me.)

Oh, and they have free wi-fi.

Don't worry, our heads don't actually mysteriously float outside the van while we're driving. I'm just feeling lazy today.


Heatherly said...

I'm sure that going on tour with a bunch of guys is no where as fun as I think it is...still I'd love to travel all around. I'm a world traveler and it sucks to be stuck at home because of low funds. I'm itching to see the world again!

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