Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Drunk on St. Patty's with Boyfriend, and trying to not let his parents see how inebriated we are... Good times!

He's better at playing sober than I am.

UPDATE: I just went upstairs to take off my shoes and one of my layers of shirts. I couldn't find the light switch, so I used my cell phone as a flash light. When I left our guest bedroom (home for this week) I decided I knew it well enough that I didn't need no stinkin' light. On the top step was Boyfriend's long haired family cat, Jack. My first thought was not 'Oh, cat sitting on the top stair in the dark.' it was "Holy shit! DEMOOOON!!!!!"

Because I am a crazy person.

UPDATE 2: I told Boyfriend this and he only laughed. Then we decided we are definitely not cut out to be alcoholics, cause being drunk for almost 12 hours straight is not so fun after about 8. Especially when you're trying to fake sober for your parents (which is counterproductive for me, cause mine totally read this, but whatev.) But I guess my mom will be happy to know that I don't actually aspire to alcoholism. I don't think it would really help my career, as I can't conjure words of more than three syllables when I'm three sheets.


Unca T said...

Indeed. and also, told ja so. :) I'm loving your illos that accompany each blog. Keep up the good work m'dear.

Heatherly said...

Haha! Nice blog! I've definitely had moments like this!

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